Young ESG Innovator (YESGI)

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The Young ESG Innovator (YESGI) project is a collaboration between SCG Foundation and the School of Changemakers that invites young people aged 18-25 and those who are interested across the country to understand social problems in-depth and find solutions under the Sustainable Development of Environment, Social, Good Governance (ESG) framework to develop the potential and prepare to be leaders of structural change in their community and society.

Background of the Project

SCG Foundation was founded with the uncompromising intention to conduct community services for public benefit under SCG’s Business Philosophy of “Belief in the Value of the Individual.” The main objective of the Foundation is to work to develop “People” with a focus on children and youths because they are the future that will drive the country towards sustainability.

School of Changemakers or SOC is an institution established to support people who want to solve social problems. SOC views that solving existing problems with the same old ideas cannot make any changes because the lack of new thinking and perspectives. Therefore, society needs a new generation of innovators who are able to see and understand problems as well as to find precise solutions to tackle problems in the system.

SCG Foundation continues to focus on enhancing/cultivating ideas that are beneficial for living in today’s world to the youth and provides opportunities for them to show their potential in different fields. It’s such a good occasion that SCG Foundation collaborates with the School of Changemakers, we, therefore, support “New Generation Innovators” that seek opportunities, approaches, and knowledge to understand and look for chances /gaps for finding new ideas to solve social problems. They will learn and gain hands-on experience for sustainable development through the Young ESG Innovator Project, which will be the starting point to prepare the new generation who want to be the leader of change through 3 online courses.

Who is suitable for this project?

  1. Young people aged 18-25 who are interested in developing their potential and preparing to become the structural change leader 
    *Those who do not meet the age requirement can apply to participate in the project, but we reserve the right to those who meet the criteria first.
  2. Interests in solving social problems in their community and society
  3. Searches for support of knowledge and process to start making a serious change
  4. Determination of solving social problems and be ready to learn and listen to feedback and adjusting the project to achieve the goals. 
  5. Availability of time to work for the project at least 12 hours a week and be able to participate in activities organized throughout 5 months (please find more details on the process and project schedule below)
  6. Preparation of essential equipment for studying and meeting via online channels and be able to participate in on-site activities throughout the project.

Activities in the project

  1. Insight Tanks  (8 weeks) Online course, learn how to understand problems and develop empathy and critical thinking skills to gain an in-depth understanding to identify gaps and problem insights
  1. Idea Pools (2 Weeks) Online Courses and Workshop, learn how to formulate problems clearly and how to bring out the strengths to create ideas to solve social problems in their own way.
  1. Prototype Sandbox (4 weeks) Online course to solve social problems and real-life trial events to get guidelines for initiating the next project or social enterprise.

Project Schedule

5-21 MayOpen for Registration
22 MayAnnouncement of the selected teams via email
29 May, 10.00-12.00 hrs.Orientation via ZOOM application
29 May – 24 JulyInsight Tanks Course (8 weeks)
24 – 31 JulySummary and assessment of the Insight Tanks course
31 July – 13 AugustIdea Pools Course (2 weeks)
13 AugustCreative Idea for Change Workshop, exchange-refine-enhance idea
14 August – 3 SeptemberSummary and assessment of the Idea Pools course
4 September – 10 OctoberPrototype Sandbox Course (4 weeks)
10 September Prototype Try-out event
10 – 17 OctoberSummary and assessment of the Prototype Sandbox courseAssessment of YESGI project participationSubmitting the list of students who want to use the results of the prototype experiment to develop a model for solving social problems 

More details of the project