SCG Foundation and SCGP won the National Innovation Award 2023 from the National Innovation Agency (NIA) for the innovative Paper Camp Beds for Mobile Medical Units. Reiterate the concept of creativity, emphasizing practical applications and reducing social disparities.

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SCG Foundation, students from the Certificate Course in Good Governance for Medical Executives (PTP), by the Foundation of Good Governance on Medicine and the Medical Council of Thailand, and SCGP, have joined forces to pave the way for continuous advancements in the field of healthcare and public health. Most recently, we received the National Innovation Award 2023 in the Social and Environmental category. This recognition was given for our collaborative project titled “Mobile Paper Bed Innovation for Medical Units,” developed by the design team from SCGP, the SCG Foundation and PTP. This innovation builds upon the previous paper bed used to support COVID-19 patients, ensuring that it meets the needs of healthcare professionals and patients in mobile medical units, providing safety, convenience, and appropriate care.

The National Innovation Awards is an annual ceremony held by the NIA to recognize and celebrate all efforts by Thais that display remarkable degrees of innovation, as well as hard work that results in value for the country. In its latest edition of 2023, there were over 300 organizations that participated in submitting applications.