Collaboration to create and develop modern technicians in the “Skilled Professional, Talented BIM People” project.

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SCG Foundation joins hands with The Concrete Products and Aggregate Co., Ltd. (CPAC), Thai Building Information Modeling Association (TBIM), and Dusit Technical College to create BIM Modeler, the designer and construction personnel in the digital era, by signing a collaboration agreement in human resource development in the “Skilled Professional, Talented BIM people” project. It aims to build skills for students studying in the field of construction and architecture (Pilot project at Dusit Technical College) to become modern technician who is tech-savvy and help prepare them to have sufficient skills that meet the entrepreneur’s needs. We believe that students participating in the BIM training program until they are skilled will be able to work and win. They will graduate quickly and get a job quickly following the “Learn to Earn – Learn to Survive” concept.