SCG Foundation opens a new perspective of Esports as a career path for Thai Youths 

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Over the years, the Esports industry has been widely famous and accepted all over the world. Thailand officially endorsed Esports as a professional sport in 2021. SCG Foundation also recognizes and focuses on promoting the potential of youth under the concept of Learn to Earn. SCG Foundation; therefore, aims to support Esports as the new industry continues to grow and it can create career opportunities for Gen Z . The industry eventually represents the country to build a reputation for Thailand on the international stage.

Join hands with the KOG team to provide knowledge and experience

SCG Foundation, in collaboration with the professional Esports club, the King of Gamers, organized the Esports competition (Tournament School Project) in 18 Secondary Schools by arranging RoV Game competition challenge. The competition encourages youths to learn more about esports characteristics, job opportunities, and management skills. The event also provides university Esports course recommendations. 

The activity is not a typical lecture, on the other hand; it collaborates with the schools by using Learning by Doing method. The students who are interested in Esports are recruited to join the tournaments. The competition helps them to find their preference and inspiration to open up new perspectives for young people. 

Carrying out activities at schools

The Foundation and the KOG team plan to organize the RoV game competition in 18 schools. Currently, the activities were held in 6 schools already, namely Surasakmontree School, Thammasat Klongluang School, Mathayom Wat Nong Khaem School, Bangpleeratbamrung School, Rittiyawannalai School, and Nawaminthrachinuthit Benchamarajalai School and it will be held until May 2023.

Unity and Discipline

Watcharin Boonprasert, Mathayom 6 (Grade 12) student at Surasakmontree School, said that it was good that SCG Foundation organized the Esports competition at school because it allowed students to have the activity together. The competition could help create unity among friends, discipline, and punctuality. He was impressed with the activity that enables students to develop their potential in Esports. Moreover, he believed that Esports could apply to various career choices. Those who were still in school will need to allocate their time between studying and practicing. His family fully supported him in entering the Esports industry, just asking him not to leave school. For his future, he intended to be fully in the Esports industry.

Forward the Future To Young 

Thitipong Phanpin, a Mathayom 6 (Grade 12) student at Thammasat Klong Luang School, said that I would like to thank SCG Foundation for organizing this activity, and giving students, teachers, and parents a better understanding of Esports. In addition, students who are already athletes can build on their skills and experiences in other competitions. He has been involved in Esports for more than a year. Esports help him using free time productively. He also earns money from the competition and wishes to be in the Esports industry fully in the future. 

“I wish SCG Foundation to organize this kind of activity at my school again since it helps us to hand over the Team to the young athlete generation so they can have an opportunity to be in the Esports industry like me.”, Thitipong said 

Take action and work hard to reach the dream 

Peeradej Anuphapyuthachai, a Mathayom 5 (Grade 11) student at Matthayom Wat Nong Khaem School, has joined the Esports competition for many years. He talked about the activity held by SCG Foundation that this activity not only allow the athletes to open up experiences, but also allowed students to learn and understand more about the Esports industry.

He got into the Esports industry 6 years ago, starting with the launch of the RoV game, and had the experience of competing in various small tournaments; he thinks that there is still a long way to go. If there is any opportunity in the future, he will upskill for future readiness. 

“I want to convey the message to the younger generation entering the Esports industry, whether you are an athlete or working behind the scenes, please do your best. If you feel happy and enjoy what you are doing, you will do it very well, and you can go further and further. Therefore, each person’s dream will eventually come true,” concluded Mr. Peeradej.

Clear Goal 

Naruenat Chamtawee, a Computer Teacher at Thammasat Klong Luang School and the school’s Esports project owner, said that SCG Foundation’s activity encouraged students with Esports skills to develop themselves more. Moreover, this activity also makes their goals clearer. The fact that he has been responsible for the school’s Esports project for 3 years; he sent the school team to participate in many competitions. However, the activity held by the organization can attract and motivate students because of the different competition formats, the award, and the knowledge about various careers in the Esports industry. Overall, students nowadays already have a positive attitude towards Esports and a variety of careers in the industry, as well as the stability of those careers. 

Esports new career opportunities

Suvimol Chivaluk, Director and Manager of SCG Foundation, said that the Esports industry is one of the new career options, the opportunity for growth, and stability like other careers. The Foundation organized this activity to help enhance knowledge and understanding of Esports for everyone since the Esports industry can provide for the future of the youth. Moreover, the Foundation would like society to accept Esports, also the athletes are not persons who are playing games, but are a career and supporting themselves and their families. Nowadays, many universities offer Esports courses to serve the market demand and offer the opportunity for Thai youths. 

From continuous efforts, many people understand and have a positive attitude toward Esports instead of seeing it as a game addict like in the past. Many parents of school-age Esports athletes are more open-minded to accepting this sport and their child’s preferences and abilities. Hopefully, there will be more Thai Esports athletes, and become the leader very soon.