SCG Foundation Presents Short Film “Hope Letter” to Thai People to Boost Everyone’s Self-Worth and Superpower

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SCG Foundation aims to encourage a sense of self-worth via a short film titled “Hope Letter,” portraying real-life stories of 4 individuals to reflect their thoughts and ability to adapt to or cope with the situation while facing the COVID-19 crisis. The short film aims to evoke inspirations and awaken the power within the individuals and hope for all Thais to overcome the COVID-19 crisis together.

Ms. Suvimol Chivaluk, Director and Manager of SCG Foundation, saidthat in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SCG Foundation has offered emergency relief since January 2020 to a broad range of people from medical professionals, young people, the poor to the underprivileged people in the form of medical innovations, necessary hygiene supplies, and materials for consumption. However, a large number of people are still significantly impacted by the COVID-19 and are facing a variety of adversities from job losses, pay cuts, business closings, or losing everything one has built. These hardships have dragged down people’s self-worth, hope, and optimism, some of which took their lives to end this suffering.

“As a charitable organization that focuses on empowering “people” and commitment to belief in the value of the “individual,” SCG Foundation emphasizes “adaptability” which it believes a superpower resides within everyone in a short film “Hope Letter,” portraying the real-life stories of four individuals: a beauty blogger, a bar owner, a washing machine repairman, and a restaurant chef. The film tells the story of ordinary people who have extraordinary ways of thinking. Each one manages to adapt to and deal with COVID-19 in their different ways and overcome their difficulties. The Foundation hopes that these real-life stories will be an inspiration and boost confidence and self-worth in people, like what the film says, “If you are still breathing, you will get through it all..”

You can watch the short film “Hope Letter” by SCG Foundation starting from today on “scgfoundation” YouTube channel and SCG Foundation Facebook Page. 

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