Term Gorn Toh (Filling before Growing) Go Live: The Journey of Growth

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A display of works from learning by the SCG Foundation scholarship students from the “Term Gorn Toh (Filling before Growing) Plus+” camp in 5 professional groups will show the results of their efforts in setting goals, planning, and taking action according to their interests throughout 3 weeks.

The Term Gorn Toh (Filling before Growing) project is based on the concept of choosing to learn for their living (Learn to Earn concept), which opens up the perspective to inspire careers that can generate income in the future and to plan for self-development into future careers. By creating skills for scholarship students to understand life planning with the Design Thinking principle and cultivate the growth mindset, as well as allowing them to learn, plan, and take action in the real project.


To open up the perspective and inspire participants towards various careers, as well as encourage them to plan for their self-development to future careers. The project is led by speakers from Tact and special guests who will inspire all the students in the project, such as Third – Anuroth Ketlekha, lead singer of the Tilly Birds band, Fahsai- Anantaya Chinwong, former SCG Sharing The Dream scholarship student, and the successful online Variegated plants and plant pot shop owner,together with Asst. Prof Dr. Attapol Anantaworasakul, Professor at the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University.

Target group :

Scholarship students from SCG Foundation  in Mattayom 2 (Grade 8) and Mattayom 3 (Grade 9) in 2021 academic year (the scholarship students are allowed to invite their friends to join the project as well)