SCG Foundation Makes Continued Efforts to Care for Healthcare Workers, Delivering COVID-19 Protective Innovation to Ban Pong Hospital in Ratchaburi Province

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SCG Foundation, represented by Mr. Sangchai Wiriyaumpaiwongtogether with Mr. Saharat Pattanawiboon, , presented the Negative Pressure Isolation Room intended to reduce the risk and prevent infection of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) among medical professionals working in Ban Pong district, Ratchaburi province. Mr. Chayawut Chanthorn, Ratchaburi Governor, and Dr. Mananya Wanpaisitkul, Deputy Director of Medical Affairs of Ban Pong Hospital along with Ban Pong District Chief, the hospital management team, and local officials, received the handout.

The Negative Pressure Isolation Roomisdesigned to fit emergency rooms, ICUs, or even patient rooms. This allows doctors and nurses to immediately treat patients with severe symptoms without the need to move the patient or other life support equipment. The innovation integrates an efficient pressure-controlled system and a HEPA air filter to ensure clean and safe air that keep medical professionals and patients safe. The structure is mainly composed of high-performance plastic materials, which can give advantages of easy installation and high mobility.

Pictured from left to right: Ms. Tanatcha Vongamornniti, Mr. Ronnapob Wiengsimma, Ban Pong District Chief, Mr. Saharat Pattanawiboon, , Mr. Sangchai Wiriyaumpaiwong, , Mr. Kritsana Kamchan, Ban Pong Public Health Assistant, Mr. Chayawut Chanthorn, Ratchaburi Governor, Mr. Jirapat Sittisan, Mrs. Benjarat Jariyatharasit, Senator, Ms. Kingkan Sapyen, Deputy Director of Nursing Affairs of Ban Pong Hospital, and Dr. Mananya Wanpaisitkul, Deputy Director of Medical Affairs of Ban Pong Hospital.