Kick off the concept “Learn to Earn” SCG Foundation inspires Generation Z to learn how to survive in this era

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“SCG Foundation” kicks off the concept “Learn to Earn,” learning how to survive and building a future for the younger generation through the key mission of giving the scholarship to strengthen Generation Z’s potential. The project aims to enhance hard and soft skills or the 21st-Century skill, “Power skills,” that is essential for living and working in this era and the future, and raise awareness and understanding. The project brings Sprite, Koen, and Loukgolf to be the inspiration for Generation Z. Moreover, SCG Foundation collaborates with GMMTV to promote the campaign ‘CLASS of 21st’, bringing young celebrities to participate in activities that need knowledge and living skills showing the younger generation that learning takes place not only in a classroom.

Suvimol Chivaluk, Director and Manager of SCG Foundation, said, “In the past, we might believe that learning wasonly in the classroom that was necessary and suitable for everyone. But when the world has changed, the learning format has also changed. Especially with this world without boundaries, everyone can access knowledge easier. The younger generation starts to ask themselves what they like, what is their expertise, and what kind of life they would like to have. For this reason, SCG Foundation aims to develop the skills needed in the present day for young people through the concept of Learn to Earn. The project focuses on giving the scholarship to enhance and support the skills of the younger generation or Gen Z by developing Power Skills, which is a vital skill needed for various professionals such as caregivers, practical nurses, dental assistants, YouTubers, eSport athletes, etc. Moreover, we also encourage Social and Emotional skills, for example, how to work with others, emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, etc. Therefore, the young generation will be ready to live and survive in today’s world and the future.”

For activities throughout 2022, SCG Foundation collaborates with various partners, including 3 of the leading inspirations to Gen Z, namely Sprite Sukollawat Puangsombat, a talented rapper who succeeded at a young age and became an inspiration to the young generation.

Koen Pataradanai Setsuwan represents people who are good at social skills and empathy for others, together with Loukgolf Kanatip Soonthornrak, Gen Z’s favorite teacher. They will share their inspiration through their own social media.

The campaign ‘CLASS of 21st’ will bring young celebrities from 3 generations of GMMTV, such as Chris Perawat, Pond Naravit, Gemini Norawit, to do missions while sharing their knowledge and experiences and simultaneously understanding their future skills with the audience. They need to overcome challenges in several classes under the concept ‘Young Survivor, this generation will survive’, which will be broadcasted on the YouTube channel GMMTV.

However, there is another key mission of SCG Foundation, which is giving a scholarship to children and youth. SCG Foundation has been providing scholarships under the concept Learn to Earn in a total of 1,700 scholarships worth more than 40 million Baht. The scholarship includes high vocational certificate scholarships, bachelor’s degree scholarships, and short course scholarships, namely Public Health and Medicine, S-curve industry, new S-curve industry, IT, and other vocational courses.

Sakchai Namlao was granted a scholarship for a short vocational course from SCG Foundation once he was a youth and became a practical nurse. He said, “Because my family could not afford the university tuition fee for me, I thought that the only way was to stop studying. But I learned that SCG Foundation has a scholarship for a short vocational course, which is practical because you can choose any course to learn essential professional skills to find work as soon as possible. I not only developed professional skills but also can efficiently use social skills that I learned to adapt to my working life. I would like to say thank you very much to the Foundation that allowed me to have lifetime professional skills. Also, I can go back and do voluntary work helping others which is always my intention.” 

The concept of Learn to Earn can help children and youths be ready for any changes in the world. The key mission of SCG Foundation is to emphasize our determination to build ‘humans’ growing up to be ‘smart and ethical’ to continue helping others in our society. You can find more updated news of SCG Foundation at and Facebook LEARNtoEARNbySCGFoundation. 

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