Inspirational Story of SCG Foundation’s Sharing the Dream scholarship grantee: “Doing a Thankless Job,” Sacrificing for the Public Good

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“I am inspired to do good by my cousin’s pledge to volunteer as a rescue worker, and I’m keen to support others. That’s why I am part of the Phrae’s rescue team to help disaster victims or needy people who can be patients, injured people, or I have to offer battery jump-start, tow the car, clear and take away dead bodies in the scenes, and others 24/7. As the COVID-19 pandemic hits Thailand, we have to wear masks, gloves and personal protective equipment, and others while rescuing patients or injured people. Despite discomfort, heat, difficulty breathing, we have to wear them to protect ourselves. I received words of support from people, friends, and colleagues, especially the smiles on the faces of families of patients or praises from the loss. Sometimes, I felt disheartened, tired, and upset, but it was all right. We have to continue our cause, be patient and vigorous to support people in time of needs; as the saying goes, “We do good without ostentation to forgive our sins. It’s doing good with attention, not for attention. It doesn’t matter if you are not seen; it’s the ‘faith’ that endures.”

“I don’t care what people will say; I love to sacrifice for the good of all.” 

Panutchakorn Keuoenkaew (Ohm) Phrae Vocational Education College, Department of Food and Nutrition