Inspirational Story of SCG Foundation’s Sharing the Dream scholarship grantee: “I’m Listening, I’m Working”

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“These days, like all my friends, I have to study online at home. But it’s different for me because I’m from a low-income family. I have to work and also study. It’s tiresome, but I can do it”

Every morning, I do a check-in for class. And later, I work at a garage I worked for during my internship to do repair works. ‘My ears are listening; my hands are working.’ If I have to join a video call, I will do it while doing my jobs. The teachers understand that I need to earn money for the family.

Of course I’m afraid of getting COVID, but I have to work to support my family. I decided to study online and work at the same time. Anyway, I wear a mask all the time. I always use alcohol spray and wash my hands. I never give up on protecting myself.”

#People may deal with hard times and are in distress now. I want everyone to be patient and don’t give up.We will get through this crisis together.

Words from SCG Foundation’s Sharing the Dream scholarship grantee Chayawat Kankerdpol Chachoengsao Technical College, Department of Auto Mechanics