Sustainable Community Development

"A knowledge leads to a social development. Volunteering makes a living "

Community Development for Sustainability is a mission of SCG Foundation.

Under the concept of "believing in the value of people", and "commitment to social responsibilities". it results to a human resource development that is like a promise that SCG Foundation has for the society. We started from the human potentials development and support the community for a strong self-reliance. This will result in sustainable development of the country. It is the intention of SCG Foundation to work for the benefit of society.

Drawing a Future Opportunity Project

50% employees of SCG has created a smile, happiness and a good quality of life for Thai people,

And encourage another SCG employees to use their knowledge and ability to create good things for society and the nation.

The Camp Volunteer Project

Over 30 years, SCG staff have joined in the volunteer camp project to build school buildings.

It is to cultivate employees with volunteer spirit, social responsibility in supporting and reward and returning to the society.

Good Youth Project

A new young generation is full of creativity to create benefits for the social.

The project encourages them to apply their knowledge from studies with social activities.

Honest Livelihood Funds Program

6 funds
Circulating in 8 areas8

SCG Foundation provides opportunities for youngpeople who have completed their vocational studiesto develop the essential skills for future careers.

Community Sprouts Program

“New Generation Developers ” are the key force in strengthening and caring localities.

SCG Foundation aims to create new generation
people in returning to work for their homelands.

Disaster Relief Program

The assistance is on the basis of virtue. It is a
generosity among Thai people.

Therefore, the mutual assistance is important.

Toilets For Younger Program

More than 31 toilets all over Thailand we built.

We support building toilets to
wilderness schools where are in short supply or indecay.