SCG Foundation joins hands with GMM TV to host “Young Survivors LEVEL UP” Talk & Show event to send the “Young Survivors, This Generation…Must Survive” to the real beginning, inviting Gen Z to the real-life practice, learning the “Future Skills” with the whole team of Young Survivors.

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“SCG Foundation,” in collaboration with GMMTV, invites more than 200 Gen Z people to participate in a survival skills workshop at the “Young Survivors LEVEL UP” event. The event brings together the “Young Survivors” team and the whole team of Master Class to join the Talk & Show activity, bring the skills of the era to create awareness and understanding together under the Learn to Earn concept through the mission “Young Survivors, This Generation…Must Survive” that has been on-air since May.

Ms. Suvimol Chivaluk, Director and Manager of SCG Foundation, revealed the idea of encouraging Gen Z people to apply the 21st-century learning skills or Power Skills to their lives to survive in today’s world. “SCG Foundation is a charitable organization that has focused on the development of “People.” The fast-changing world and the emergence of COVID-19 are a catalyst for change and adaptation to survive. Therefore, SCG Foundation accelerates the concept of Learn to Earn, Learn to Survive by providing scholarships to children and youth in accordance with the current situation, encouraging youth to study, graduate, and have a job quickly. As well as promote and develop the potential of children and youth to have both Hard skills, or skills and ability to use in professions, and Soft skills, or social and emotional skills. Because in today’s world, a smart person doesn’t mean good at studying or get a 4.00 GPA, but it is a person who can use the knowledge and ability to make a living, take care of oneself and family, has good emotional management,  work as a team, get along with others, and give back to the society.

In addition to providing educational opportunities, the Foundation aims to raise awareness and invite everyone to realize the changing educational model that everything is learning in today’s world. Education is not limited to the classroom but means lifelong learning. Thus, SCG Foundation joins hands with GMM TV to produce the “Young Survivors, This Generation…Must Survive” program. It is led by an experienced and well-known in the various industrial fields called “Master Class”  to do survival missions using multi-skills needed in life and inspire GEN Z people to develop themselves with the skills of the era.

Mr. Sataporn Panichraksapong, Chief Executive Officer of GMMTV Co., Ltd, added about the SCG Foundations’ Learn to Earn concept that “As GMMTV is an expert in content production that can reach teenagers audience, ith teenager actors, here called “Young Survivors”, who can present and convey information to the target audience, especially the Gen Z group, we produce programs with content to convey such ideas so audiences can apply them in real life. The program has been broadcasted on the YouTube channel: GMMTV OFFICIAL since May 2022, totaling 5 episodes. Then here comes the event that is considered a highlight to combine a summary of 5 episodes into the “Young Survivors LEVEL UP” event. The event gathered all Young Survivors and the whole team of Master Class on 10 August 2022 at the Asoke Montri Music and Performing Arts Hall 1, Srinakharinwirot University

At the event, Gen Z youth who attended had the opportunity to meet in person with the whole team of Young Survivors, such as Krist-Perawat, Tay-Tawan Pond-Naravit, Phuwin-Tangsakyuen, Neo-Trai, Arm-Weerayut, and Fourth-Nattawat, to brighten up the event. The attendance also got a chance to join the fun workshop with the Master Class, Pa Ted-Yutthana Boonorm, Nui-Pongsuk Hiranprueck, Green-Nithiwat, and Codey-Attaphon, that passed on the knowledge and skills of the future from their direct experience. There was an opportunity to play fun games with the MC from each class, namely Godji-Tachakorn, Pompam-Niti, Golf-Kittipat, and Jennie Panhan. Additionally, there was a talk session with the Master Class for Gen Z to hear positive thoughts from various gurus before ending with 5 sets of the show from the artists who attended the event.

“SCG Foundation hopes that skills obtained from today will benefit the Gen Z people to be able to apply the skills when facing problems and obstacles. The faster the world changes, the more learning we all must pursue  to develop ourselves to be good at working and living with others in society”, Ms. Suwimon concluded.

You can watch the “Young Survivors This Generation…must Survive” program on the YouTube channel: GMMTV OFFICIAL and follow more updates and news from SCG Foundation at and Facebook LEARNtoEARN.

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