Fund Establishment

Fund Establishment
for the Benefit of Society

On the occasion of The Siam Cement Company Limited marking 50 years of operation and The Siam Fibre-Cement Company Limited marking 25 years of operation, to celebrate the milestone, The Siam Cement Company Limited established a fund for the benefit of the society. The initial capital was 75,000 Baht, and our partner, FLSmidth & Co. of Denmark, donated another 25,000 Danish kroner or approximately 75,000 Baht (based on the exchange rate at the time). In the beginning, the corporate social responsibility activities were not widely extensive. Hence, the yield from the initial capital was slim and not sufficient to carry out activities continuously.

Registered as Foundation

The fund was granted permission
to register as a foundation.

Public charity organization

SCG Foundation has been declared
a public charity organization.

In 1992, SCG Foundation was declared a public charity organization under the Notification of the Ministry of Finance on Income Tax and Value Added Tax. The Siam Cement Public Company Limited has donated additional funds in the form of monetary capital and shares to SCG Foundation to use the yield as income for public benefits. SCG adheres to the policy in which it will allocate a portion of its budget to the Foundation in the year the Foundation suffers low dividend income to keep the activities running smoothly and continuously. Providing assistance and being socially responsible is
our unwavering mission.


Strong Commitment to its philosophy,
“Belief in the Value of the Individual.”

To stay grounded and current in today’s world, SCG Foundation has restructured its organization and adopted SCG’s management system to maximize its social service efficiency. It also specifies strategies and develops programs to fit the social circumstances and needs as a reflection of SCG’s sustained commitment of
“Concern for Social Responsibility” and “Belief in the Value of the Individual.”


SCG Foundation believes that a healthy society is made of talented and moral people.
Hence, our goal is to enhance individual’s potential with an emphasis on
today’s young people who are becoming the country's future driving forces
on top of cultivating socially responsible conduct to inspire constructive development
for the society and drive the country toward sustainability.


based on four areas of focus