“Young Community Developers ” and “Volunteer Teacher” network spread kindness and warmth by giving blankets to people in need fighting the coldness.

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During the New Year 2022, SCG Foundation, in collaboration with the “Young Community Developers ” and “Volunteer Teacher” network, collected blankets derived from the money donated by SCG employees and donors via the “Sapanboon Sapanjai (Merit Bridge)” project and distributed them to underprivileged children, the elderly, bedridden patients, and impoverished families in remote areas and rural mountains such as Umphang district in Tak, Omkoi district in Chiang Mai, Nam Pat district in Uttaradit, Nam Nao district in Phetchabun, Bo Kluea district in Nan, and Wang Saphung district in Loei, including forest rangers in Khao Yai National Park, who still struggle to survive the cold season.