Young Community Developer Program

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“New generation of community leaders” are driving force to foster and develop the community. SCG Foundation aspires to motivate new generations to serve their hometown communities.

After over ten years of working intensively with community leaders, SCG Foundation realizes that many communities are struggling with a shortage of young community leaders as new generations leave their hometown and head for big cities for work. In consequence, community leaders are seeking successors who will continue serving the community to preserve local knowledge, local wisdom, way of life, and community livelihood. This situation has brought about the “Young Community Developer Program,” which was introduced in 2014.

Because we believe that there is no greater investment than empowering “people,” SCG Foundation aspires to motivate new generations to serve their hometown communities. Young Developer Program was established to offer opportunities to young people or new seeds to take root and thrive in their hometown. These selected young community leaders will be mentored and aided in both the practice and the theory by experienced community leaders. Furthermore, the Foundation also offers a living allowance and financial sponsorship for public service activities in their hometown. The program also includes training of project management skills and capability development through several activities to create “Young Community Developers” the vital driving force to sustainably foster and strengthen local communities.

Applicant Qualifications and Selection Process

1. Must be between the ages of 25-35 years old.
2. Have a strong desire to continuously carry out the project of their area of expertise that is beneficial to the public in the hometown or their local community.
3. Must have at least three years of community development experience and have at least one social project which is relevant to the project of the proposal seeking sponsorship.
4. Have a mentor who is a community leader continually working in the community. The mentor will serve as a consultant to provide guidance on social works and assist the applicant toward achieving the project’s goals.

Selection Process

The Foundation will invite qualified experts in various fields who display extensive knowledge and experience in the community and social service sectors to join interview panel members. In this respect, the applicant must give a presentation on the project proposal of community development, and the mentor also has to present a capability building plan of the applicant during the sponsorship period.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Selected “Young Community Developer”

1. Financial sponsorship for the community service project and living allowance for the young community leader, which is paid on a quarterly basis. (The Foundation will consider extending the contract on a yearly basis for the period of three years)
2. Financial grant offered to the mentor for consultation and empowering efforts, which is paid on a quarterly basis (of the same period of the applicant’s sponsorship contract). In this regard, the mentor must impart knowledge to the young community leader with the goal of preserving community development concepts and practices and empower the young community leader to grow and fulfill their role in the future.
3. The Foundation will provide training and capability building programs to equip the young community leader with necessary skills including Communities’ Leader Competency, Common Competency, and Specific Competency.