Sharing Opportunities

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SCG employees take part in voluntary activities to bring smiles, joy and better quality of life to Thai people.

SCG Foundation assists SCG employees to exert their capabilities to support and enrich society and the country through “Sharing Opportunities” Program.

Since 2006, SCG Foundation has carried out Sharing Opportunities Program (formerly known as “Sharing Opportunities, Drawing the Future” Program). SCG Foundation promotes and gives opportunities to SCG employees to use their capabilities to contribute to society and bring about various public service activities in collaboration with the community to promote sustainable community development. In the past 14 years, over 3,000 SGG employees joined the program annually, and these collective and sustained efforts have successfully created 2,287 projects in many areas across the country.

“Sharing Opportunities” Program has taken part in strengthening the community in various dimensions, e.g., educational program, environmental stewardship, art and cultural promotion, and community relief in times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The Foundation has transformed the project implementation into “Sharing Opportunities (Ad-Hoc) to Fight COVID-19” in line with the current circumstances. The program enables SCG employees to help and assist the public and encourage the community, the needy, who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to overcome this crisis.

In this respect, employees have overwhelmingly submitted project proposals to provide relief and assistance using their experiences and expertise to support the community in times of need. The proposed projects to aid the community aim to fulfill the wide-ranging needs, including hygiene care, career promotion, or agricultural innovation. The Foundation has allocated the budget for each project at a maximum of 50,000 Baht.

It can be said that all projects are not created solely from a push or support of SCG Foundation but a collective effort of SCG employees adding up. They have put energy, spirits, and their expertise to relentlessly support the community, without expecting anything in return.

SCG Foundation believes that all aspects of society have to move forward in a concerted manner, not only physical development but also increased happiness where everyone holds hands and move forward together and stay strong and ready for any hardship. And importantly, no one will be left behind. The Foundation believes that everyone has an innate ability to overcome the crisis if one has high morale and believes in their individual’s value.