Disaster Relief Program

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SCG Foundation’s Disaster Relief Activities

Natural disasters in Thailand take many forms, from storms, floods, earthquakes to epidemics which have caused the loss of life and property, and short-term and long-term economic and livelihood impacts. SCG Foundation recognizes the hardship of people affected by natural disasters; hence it comes up with strategies to provide relief by putting the people at the center of recovery and development plans together with its readiness and strong partnerships with network members. Among them is SCG that has volunteer employees and products that can promptly and efficiently help in various crises. Disaster relief services are divided into three phases, as follows:

Phase One The Foundation provides emergency relief in the forms of donations of daily life supplies such as disaster relief package or paper toilets etc. The phase-one relief measure received excellent support from the Foundation’s network, such as SCG employees, media, government officials, and volunteer networks across the country.

Phase Two The Foundation offers reconstruction support including repairing infrastructure as well as the establishment of revolving funds to support people to have a career.

Phase Three This phase centers around sustainable development. The Foundation realizes that the effective disaster relief plan doesn’t end at the emergency relief phase. The post-crisis recovery plan must be established to help restore normalcy in terms of livelihood, jobs, and natural resources to sustain themselves in the long run.

SCG Foundation’s Past Disaster Relief Activities: Eua Sook Shelter

In late 2016, a devastating natural disaster wreaked havoc in the south, setting off massive floods that swept away houses and caused a significant loss of life and property. In addition to an eventual loss of jobs, lands, and work tools, the survivors suffered low morale. Some areas were inundated for an extended period causing road damage. The damage at the time was widespread. The disaster struck 12 provinces in the south in which three districts in Nakhon Si Thammarat: Cha-uat, Pak Phanang, and Chian Yai, were the hardest hit as they are transit areas before floodwaters reach the ocean. To relieve and mitigate the significant impacts caused by the natural disaster, SCG Foundation built “Eua Sook” shelter to provide temporary refuge for victims in times of natural crisis.

SCG Foundation’s Past Disaster Relief Activities: Pandemic Response

The pandemic of new coronavirus has caused a widespread impact on Thailand and the world. Since January 2020,
SCG Foundation has offered emergency assistance and support to medical professionals, young people, the needy and underprivileged, and those affected by the crisis. The Foundation’s support includes donations of innovation to reduce the risk of infection among healthcare workers, face masks, alcohol-based gel, and item kits for village health volunteers (VHVs or Or Sor Mor), and pantry of sharing.