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Education Opportunity

SCG Foundation “We support Thai youths to
progress toward achieving educational success."

Education is regarded as the fifth basic need in addition to shelter, food, clothing, and medicine. Education allows people to acquire knowledge, unleash full potential, and prepare for professional life to support themselves and their families. It also plays a fundamental role in creating people as the driving force for national development in the future.

Although education is a cornerstone of an individual's potential development, many young Thais still lack educational opportunities due to poverty. Since 1981 until today or about nearly four decades, SCG Foundation has introduced "Sharing the Dream by SCG Foundation Program" to offer non-binding scholarships to young people who display ethical conduct and strong determination to pursue education but lack financial support. SCG Foundation believes that educational assistance is a concrete and direct solution to empower young people to achieve their fullest potential and move toward success and become critical forces for national development in the future.

Talented and Potential

SCG Foundation believes in people development and believes that it is a vital kick-start to move Thailand toward a prosperous country.

The Foundation believes that having “talented and moral” people will contribute to a healthy society. Hence, human resource development is placed a high priority, especially on the youth who are the future driving force of the country. The Foundation has realized that each individual has unique capabilities such as handicraft, arts, or academic excellence, of which we believe those potentials should be developed to the fullest.

The Foundation strives to promote and support people development to be skillful and proficient in their area and cultivate moral values as a path toward constructive development for the sake of themselves, society, and the country and prepare them to be the future’s driving force to develop the country.

The Foundation also fosters a sustainable and healthy community by offering grants for community members to sustain career and livelihood. The Foundation also equip new generations with skills, potential development to create community developers to work in the social sector and serve and become the key forces in developing their community.

Social Contribution
and Project Integration

SCG Foundation has always been committed to contributing to society.

The core missions are to enhance the potential of the “individual” and uphold corporate social responsibilities through a wide array of approaches from promoting education, encouraging public participation, offering humanitarian aid for disaster victims to supporting projects or activities that promote societal development, arts and culture community, and public health. The collective efforts aim to transform Thai society into healthy and sustainable society. The Foundation has worked in close partnership with network partners from across diverse sectors, including the government, businesses, and people, to carry out the projects or activities and achieve the goals.

World Class Practice
and Compliance

"Belief in the Value of the Individual" and "Concern for Social Responsibility"

SCG Foundation realizes that a quality human resource is a vital prerequisite for sustainable and inclusive growth of the country. The Foundation concentrates on developing skills, knowledge, and capacities of its staff to prepare them for future volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. At the same time, the Foundation also promotes and motivates its staff to work with full dedication while remaining enthusiastic and content. The Foundation's efforts also ensure that the team can deliver exceptional work to all stakeholders, and perform to their fullest ability while concerning their duties and social responsibilities on top of complying with the Foundation's rules and regulations and perform in accordance with international standards, Thai laws and international laws where the public interest is placed at the topmost priority.

Sharing the Dream BY

Offering educational scholarships
and developing potential of young people

The Foundation awards scholarships to young people who demonstrate good moral characteristics and good determination but lack financial support. The program also aims at developing young people’s potential to keep them grounded in an ever-changing world.

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Young Thai Artist Award Program

Young Thai Artist Award for a trophy bestowed by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

Recognized one of the largest Thailand’s youth art competitions for more than a decade, Young Thai Artist Award has offered a platform for young and aspiring Thai artists to pursue their dreams of becoming professional artists.

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Young Community Developer Program

“New Generation of Community Leaders” Are
Driving Force to Foster and Develop the community.

SCG Foundation aspires to motivate new generations to serve their hometown communities.

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Career Fund Program

6 Revolving Funds in 8 Areas

Funds are offered to strengthen communities.

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Sharing Opportunities Program

SCG employees take part in voluntary activities to bring smiles, joy and better quality of life to Thai people.

SCG Foundation assists SCG employees to exert their capabilities to support and enrich society and the country.

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Disaster Relief Program

Humanitarian Aid

Supporting one another as we are all Thai people.
Helping one another is vital.

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"Commemorate His Majesty the King, Volunteers for Crown Prince Hospitals Nationwide Development" Project

for a better quality of life for the people under the project "Chalermraj Racha"

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