The Biggest Gift One

Can Give is

The Gift of Education

The SCG Foundation

In the past 60 years, SCG Foundation has provided 102,900 scholarships, all of which equate to a total of 1.062 billion baht. The foundation continually aims to assist students in developing their learning skills, as well as adapting to life in an ever-changing society through the Learn to Earn mindset. At present, the SCG Foundation is supporting 3,000 scholarships to students annually, with the goal of decreasing the education gap in the country. As such, eliminating inequality in education is not an easy feat, since there are still several other children and underprivileged members of the youth who can certainly benefit from sponsorships. Thus, these efforts to curb the education gap will require help and support from donors from all walks of life.

Join in as a Donor to Make Students’ Dreams Come True and Give Them the Education They Need

Anyone can be a part of the initiative to provide opportunities to those who need them most by donating any amount, all of which will be used as scholarships for students in need. The foundation ensures that every single baht donated will be given to children and youth members who lack funds for education, to ensure they do not leave the system without being taken care of. Your donations will help build a brighter future for them, by equipping them with the skills to start their own career paths, so that they may grow to become capable and kind-hearted members of society.

Let’s Turn Inequality into Equity, Together